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If you hear bandwidths of 10 Megabits in, 5 megabits out, and think that that's the service you get in a third world country, this is not for you. This is for people who lust after 10 Megabit connections and can afford one or more consoles. This website shows you how to get creative with online games, and find ones they don't automatically get kicked off of.

world Series of Poker 2008 Xbox 360, a great variety of Poker games.

If you like playing poker competitively, but can't afford a $40 seat at a satellite game and a plane ticket to Las Vegas, this is the closest and cheapest you can get to being a big time Poker player. It lets you play simulated multi-table tournaments of ANY Vegas-legal Poker game you can play. There's Texas Hold Em, 7 Card Stud, Omaha High-Low, (but surprisingly no 5-Card Draw), 7 Card Stud for Low, Pineapple (a 3-card hold em game, where you throw away one card after seeing your 3 cards, before you see any card in the center.) Crazy Pineapple (same thing, but you see the 3 card flop on your second betting round, before you have to commit to your 2 hole cards), and HORSE, a game which changes betweeen 5 different versions of Poker in mid stream, kind of like a Casino-legal version of Dealer's Choice.

With online poker being big at the time before the Obama administration cracked down on Poker Party and Poker Stars, and the foreign gambling sites have become even more obscure. So this kind of got lost in the shuffle except for poker loving people either too young, poor, or inconveniently located to casinos. If you love to play the sport of poker, and the beautiful thing is that one person can be a one time sensation, but as one of those poker websites said, "if it were a game of luck, why are there so many familiar faces at TV final tables?"

It plays an accurate verison of poker, the ESPN commentators actually provide commentary made for this video game version of the game specifically, whereas in the real show, the commentators see all, and comment based on seeing all the cards, but new commentary had to be recored to indicate the fact that the commentators only have knowledge of your cards. It feels like they are accurately commenting based on your perspective only, complete with the ex-wives jokes.