Thank you Jamal for winning systems in their prime for friends. I started paying him back with a Colecovision when I had an extra one. If I get rich with one of my ventures, the first thing I'd do with $500-$1000 to freely spend is buy a pair of working Vectrexes, or a pair of non working ones and hire someone to fix them, one for me and one for Jamal. Those are 2 of 3 things he used to have that he doesn't have now. The other is the Sega Scope 3D. He gave me 2 systems, so the least I could do is find 2 systems he had as a kid. I always look out for my friends when I thrift shop, wiling to sacrifice some profits to help my friend's collections.

Unfortunnately, when I had 3 rare Saturn games I didn't want I bought for a $1 a piece, and are worth $40-$150 I put for auction the rarest one, Dragon Force, and got money, but Scott intercepted me and said he'd like to buy the other 2, so I sold it to him for $20 a piece when their ebay prices were from $40-$100. I got a profit, and he got a deal and we're both happy. Now I know to offer all my thrift store finds to my friends, they advise me on my dumb-phone via text, and I offer them first dibs. If I get my 400k outbound able to stream, I'll give $10 off my ebay auctions or games not worth selling on Ebay. This does 2 things, one it drives up the price of my items, and 2, it gives my online friends a chance to get the things my offline friends would pass on, but I will be willing to this. just follow my twitter account @tripletopper, and search the hashtag #kenawesome (think of the Macklemore song "Thrift Shop") I will tweet that when I go to a thrift store with my dumbphone.

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