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If you hear bandwidths of 10 Megabits in, 5 megabits out, and think that that's the service you get in a third world country, this is not for you. This is for people who lust after 10 Megabit connections and can afford one or more consoles. This website shows you how to get creative with online games, and find ones they don't automatically get kicked off of.

Poker Night (Xbox 360 Indie) smallball poker for a smallball price.

Whereas World Series of Poker 2008 is more about the big bucks both wagered and won and TV presentation, Poker Night is supposed to simulate a local poker game between family and friends. You come as your own avatar. Antes are adjustable from literal penny antes to some ridiculous amount like $5000 antes. It's just you and up to 7 other people. And you can play any one of over 30 games, and the game can be chosen by the dealer at the beginning of each hand, hence the term "Dealer's Choice" Some games have you give cards, some games have Wild Cards, Follow the Queen has a Variable wild that could change in mid game. Badugi and Pai Gow is a legal versions of Poker in this game. You may be able to outrace people if everyone was driving the Cadillac of Poker (Texas Hold Em) but how do you handle the Camero of Poker, the Jeep of Poker, the Grand Caravan of Poker, pretty much everything except the Yugo of Poker. (meaning you can't program your own variants)

The one thing it needs to be fun is a human opponent. There seems to be a generic sense of an AI that's generalized for poker. it doesn't know what's considered a good hand on a certain game, and just uses accumulated data to sense what's a good hand. But a human can figure out what seems like a good hand quicker than the computer. (a Computer wouldn't be able to figure out that "Cold Poker (meaning you get 5 cards and just bet on them) - everything wild" that the only winning strategy is never folding. If you can't figure out why that's a winning strategy, I'd love to play you in poker. $) )