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How I got to experience bandwidth hell.

It started when I was 4, when I was a dumb young, and emotionally unbalanced kid. I supposedly was choking a 1 year old girl (not to death, obviously) at the request of my first friend, her 4 year old brother.

Jump to when I was around 8. I had emotional and psychological problems, which caused me to go to a special school where 99% of the student population was boys.

I don't know the exact age, but my first crush was on this sister of my friend, when I saw her in her pre-junior high cheerleading outfit, which kind of brings out those lovey-dovey feeling other outfits wouldn't. Just staring to feel those feelings, I know she was 3 years younger than me, so if I started to have those feelings, she didn't. I told her she looked cute and I know it's too early to ask because you don't feel the same way about me or any other boy that I felt about her, so I said, whenever she started to want feel lovey-dovey for guys, maybe I could be her boyfriend. At the time, she said Okay.

Then for 10 years I was engaging in friendship with her. Most of the time she was friendly with me. I was still going to special schools until High school, when I was safe enough to be introduced in the general population. I found another girl in the Holiday Inn we were members of their swim club. I met another woman. My special school had a rare 3 girls all who said the other two two liked me, but when I pressed them, only one was courageous enough to say she likes me on her won was the one I was chatting wth.

Then came High School. I wasn't strong enough for football, not tall enough for basketball, and couldn't find any activity I liked well enough were I would be a good contributor. So I made my own. I organized the 1993 Nordonia Open Miniature Golf Tournament. (video links here.) I but it on local cable TV. I suddenly became popular with everyone. I was chatting it up with girls in my class as well as guys. Unfortunately every girl I talked to already had a boyfriend. They've known each other for years, and had relationships. This was the only way I could break through.

Then in October 1994, the sister of my oldest friend broke my heart. Luckily I knew enough other girls where I might have a chance with them, and since we were neighbors, we saw each other at the bus stop. She warmed up to me a little, but I have completely understood she wasn't romantically interested in me.

Then a few unusual things happened. One girl, who was pretty (but not as obviously as a cheerleader at the time) asked, would she be pretty if she were a cheerleader. And I said, yeah, probably every girl could look pretty in a cheerleading outfit and then the pretty outside would not be as rare and then we we don't favor ladies because of beauty, because pretty much everyone would look pretty, and we'd chose people based on the insides, and even in what she was wearing, she looked pretty enough where in formal dances she looks cute in a dress, and I liked her enough. And I told her she has beautiful enough brains and chemistry where if all the girls were dressed in cheerleader outfits, that the differences in prettiness would be small compared to finding a smart, nice, likeable girl like her. The lesson I learned is that pretty much any girl can look pretty if they were trying. When a woman is trying to arouse you with a bikini, formal wear, or if one is lucky enough, lingerie, all girls look beautiful enough to someone where any guy would eventually be happy.

I saw Gail Kim's induction speech TNA Impact, I saw someone who I assume was Awesome Kong, look pretty good in formal wear, yet obviously her body type, enough where one of the Bella Twin's joke when Kong was in the WWE known as Kharma, namely "She's leaving because she's Pregnent?! Some guy voluntarily made love to that thing?!", rang in my head. It was an awful insult, but got me thinking if Awesome Kong looked good enough to me, than ANY lady can look good if she is trying. It's easy to insult the ugly, but it's better for everyone if you beautify the ugly. And only one girl has to find a guy gorgeous and a corresponding vice versa to be happy. The Bellas at the time were playing beautiful, yet stuck up, rude b***hes at the time. And I'm know that was part of the script to insult Kharma. I hope if this weren't scripted that way, they wouldn't do that in reality. I'm not exactly a handsome guy six days a week.

Back to the spring of 1993, I tried out to be the mascot of the sports teams, in a school which doesn't have a dressed mascot. I went to the cheerleading tryouts, and said, this is the only thing I can do well to help the school. Too weak for football, too short for Basketball, and generally not an athletic guy. So I made a make-shift outfit in the main school color of Green and showed up like a superhero. The cheerleading coach asked me if I was trying out. I said if you can insert me in without scrubbing one of the girls I'd do it. I thought the mascot would technically the an extra and not count against the state limit of 6 cheerleaders per squad. (there were 4 squads at the time) But I said I'd rather date a cheerleader than be one, because, knowing my luck, I get on the squad, and most likely the one girl that would have had a spot if it weren't for me would have dated me until she got mad I took her spot. The coach told me to see the principal and see what state athletic commissions say about this.

If that conversation 3 paragraphs above would =have been before this, I would have came up with a new suggestion, in addition to the mascot thing. There are way to many sports for the 24 cheerleaders to cover, so only football and basketball where the big money is made is where they go. But as a fundraiser, why don't we order extra uniforms and let any girl who wants to purchase one do so. But so the main ones get their recognition, the 24 primary cheerleaders would have a uniform number and last name on the back, like the athletes those 24 are. The auxiliary squad would have blank backs. Maybe someone on the men's tennis, soccer, wrestling, golf, or track would like to have a cheerleader rooting for them. They are not competing in the cheerleading competitions between schools, so let it be fanware that would be a legal performance enhancement, because last time I checked, testosterone from your body is not an illegal performance enhancing drug. It's probably the best, legal, naturally produced one. These extra uniforms would raise money for the squad, and it would be interesting to see a the girls united in the crowd at the cheeroffs where the auxiliary cheerleaders storm the stage and surround the primary 24. Also why leave the guys out of it, maybe the girls can have a few different men body model types, (I'd represent, good sexy legs below the waist, fat and busty above the waist, if I look sexy in something, then it will look good on anyone.) the girl athletes can compete with guys in green, guy uniforms rooting them on. (I would say male cheerleading outfits, but most is just a sweater top and long sweat pants. I'd do it in shorts, because the more the girls pay attention to my legs, the less they notice my fat torso.) And maybe there may have been a guy strong enough to lift, throw, and catch a girl after she does tumbles in the air, where we could have been one of the first unisex high school cheer squads. I hope squads can be bigger to accommodate the guys. And this would be a guy not pretending to be a girl, but doing the more guyish activities like tossing and catching the tumbling girls. Cheerleading at the college level is really the only truly unisex sport (except quota based mixed couples tennis) where guys and girls work together and can be their respective gender without feeling tomboy or girly man. Cheerleading at its best is truly team gymnastics and line dancing synched to each other where one person's performance affects a teammate's, unlike supposed team gymnastics who have the advantage of being a real competitive athleles at every meet, compared to cheerleader's once a year, but they are a bunch of individual performances whose numbers get added together, not a team in the true sense. As I said, at it's best, cheerleading is a team sport than combines gynamstics, cheering, and dancing synched to each other and music, and at it's worst is just a bunch of girls looking cute to boost the guys' performance. The point is the main 24 are the athletes, and the rest are all the pretty girls rooting on their guys. And it's not the girl necessarily the boys like, it's the outfit. And any girl can look cute in that.

In the year 2000, I saw half that theory in practice, when I visited a High School football game at my new home where I was called off early on my job, so I decide why not enjoy myself. And their ladies in the stands, about 1/4-1/2 of the female population were cheerleaders. and they all looked beautiful enough where if I didn't see the main 6-12 behind the fence, I couldn't tell which were the primaries, and which were the auxiliaries. They all had cute legs, all had their chest contoured by their clothes, and had pretty faces. Most of them were in the stands in the football games, and Pattie Trabert, if you would have made that conversation mentioned above one year before when you did, I could have had a couple auxiliary cheerleaders in the mini-golf course, maybe you, rooting me and my golfers on.

Then came 1994 when at first my dad, shortly after my brother, and then way later my mother found Jesus. (Dad said he never lost him.) But their attitudes change, most of it for the worst. They were trying to get me to go, but I didn't want to. They were telling me it's my destiny to be single, and always asked me if women would be where I was going. I had rare opportunities to leave the house except for college, where I was commuting. It was no wonder with all this cracking down that my length of time away from girls of any sort, drove me crazy, and I was trying to see the neighbor girl, at the time, looking looking like a one-in-a-million chance was better than zero chance. In 2000, I tried to contact her once, and then the neighbor in between us said I passed her a passage to pass to that girl which I did in 1994 and never thought of it coming back to haunt me, and that was enough legal entanglement where I was charge with menacing by stalking. I avoided jail time by having our family move and in 2001, that's why we're in the internet red zone.