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If you hear bandwidths of 10 Megabits in, 5 megabits out, and think that that's the service you get in a third world country, this is not for you. This is for people who lust after 10 Megabit connections and can afford one or more consoles. This website shows you how to get creative with online games, and find ones they don't automatically get kicked off of.

My opinion about gays, and a "wouldn't it be nice" solution.

Some companies go out of their way to cater to gays. Others proudly proclaim they don't hire or serve gays. My opinion: unless I'm trying to date you and eventually marry you, I don't care whether you're a man or a woman, straight, gay or otherwise. You are free to express those opinions with me, but be aware that it's a double edged sword. Personally, I think Homer and Marge is good TV-PG level porn, yet Smithers' loves gives me chuckles. I can't personally relate to a homosexual romance by experience, but I accept it. I maybe taken a back, mainly because it's rare in numbers compared to heterosexual ones, and would sicken me if guy kissed me passionately. I understand that most people don't calculate who they are attracted to. The vast majority of gays, despite my religions family saying "it's a choice", don't declare "I want to be gay," unless they have natural desires that way. Some people have strong urges, and there needs to be a release.

That being said, if too big of a percentage is naturally making the "choice" (whether voluntary or instinctual) of being gay, there will be less children. If George W. Bush developed the "gay bomb" as the rumors said, if someone like Sadaam or Osama got a hold of it, they would Gay Bomb America. In 2 or 3 generation Americas would be barren if there weren't a cure and if it's genetic. So obviously if there is too much homosexuality, it would be bad for society, mainly because of lack of children.

And there one way a gay family is considered "inferior", and it's not morals. Gay couples can do anything a straight couple can. They can commit to each other, they can betray each other. They can cheat, they can make up. They can even raise kids, and a majority of gays would accept straight children, some even welcome it, and become grandparents. The one thing a gay couple cannot have that a straight couple has is the ability to have children without involving a third party. But most gays and gays advocates say these are not homophobic facts, it's just recognizing facts of life.

If someone is biologically or chemically making people gay, in the name of Gay Rights, that would be a crime. But then, if that were true, it should be just as easy to make Gay people straight. Not every gay person wants to be gay, but it's not as easy as willing yourself. Lab rats were in a device where if they were starving and either offered food or a snuggle partner, all the rats took the snuggle partner and died. That's a hard urge to fight. I don't know if there are any "Ex-Gay Saints" who through prayer and discipline, either became straight or a non-participant in the game of love, which priests have to be, there probably is and should be held up as heroes for their discipline.

So it is possible, but just like there's Pepsi Max for those who need to lose weight, but need the caffeine and think cola is better than coffee, and want a better diet, one day we'll have hormone soda which "straightens the crooked path". but just like diet cola, it wouldn't make straight those who are determined to be gay, but those gays who want to be mommies and daddies, this might be able to reverse their chemical balance "enough" to get over snuggle pangs, and make them attracted "enough" to the opposite gender, where with enough will power, would make you happy enough to snuggle.

Speaking of Pepsi Max, if I had to drink Diet Coke or the new Diet Pepsi (the original Diet Pepsi tasted closer to regular than Diet Coke, once they added Acesulfame Potassium, and before they made diet Pepsi Aspertame-free) , I don't know if I would start down the road to lower weight. I found this out in high school I was giving a chocolate kiss to a lot of the girls. I had an 8 ounce (around 250 gram) bag and was passing out pieces. A lot cheaper than flowers if you don't want to leave someone out and have no particular person to give it to. Even the girl who rejected before i gave it to, and later, gave me a smile and a thank you. (I told her this was the only kiss I could give her and be sure she won't be angry at me.) One girl refused it. At first I though it was personal, but the teacher told me she was diabetic, so the next school day, I bought a small pack of Sugar Free Kisses (not calorie free, but should be good for diabetics) gave her a couple, I showed her the ingredients, and she thanked me for thinking of her specifically. (I don't remember if she took it.) So I went on an empathy quest saying, if I became diabetic, would this be torture, or a good substitute? And I said if I became diabetic, this would thankfully be good enough. A little expensive, but good enough for a rare treat. I'm glad I tasted Pepsi Max and low sugar chocolate and said, If I were diabetic or overweight, and because Diet Pop costs just as much as regular pop i stock up on Pepsi Max when it's on sale. As for the sugar free chocolates, I'd be glad this stuff is available.

My doctor said I needed to lose weight at the same time I had an A1C of 13 over 5 years ago. Just by changing from fruit drinks and sodas to Pepsi Max and Crystal Light lemonade, and no other changes, I dropped my A1C from 13 to 9 in 2 weeks. And remember an A1C is a 3 month average, so dropping that much in 2 weeks when I had 10 weeks of bad diet in the record book is impressive. I made a few more minor changes and it went down to consistently below 8.0 and at times below 7.0. Doctor says my psych meds, if changed, could bring it down to the goal. So I'm experimenting with Doctor's oversight. Forgive me if I sound incoherent.