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If you hear bandwidths of 10 Megabits in, 5 megabits out, and think that that's the service you get in a third world country, this is not for you. This is for people who lust after 10 Megabit connections and can afford one or more consoles. This website shows you how to get creative with online games, and find ones they don't automatically get kicked off of.

What Nintendon't, is what Xbox One Genesisn't

Isn't it funny that the Genesis colleciton isn't on Nintendo Switch? (Maybe they got a surprise, that for $20 a year, in addition to NES, and other classics as a free rental with online play, and add Genesis games to their collection. They had them during the Wii era, so maybe we'll see Genesis classics on Switch.)

So If I want to play more games online of the Genesis, to last longer than the 360 versions, I'd get it for the One. So I looked at the list, and saw Columns III. A game like Columns, but you've got more diabolical ways to ruin your opponent, and with a 5 player mode back in the day with a Team Player for the Genesis, you can play 5 players on Genesis. We never had many Genesis local parties, so I didn't experience this competitive game online. So it would be cool to experience it now.

Now for something they don't tell you. Apparently this is a neutered copy of Columns III, which only has a maximum number of 2 players. The Xbox box says maximum 2 players. They've bothered programming in 6 button controllers, and the Xbox One should be able to natively support 4 people locally AT LEAST. I've heard some Xbox One games can support 8 locally. And 5 Players online is not unheard of, even in the Dreamcast days, where Outtrigger was 6 players via DIAL UP. you don't even need a Team Player OR local friends to get a 5 player game going. But still, It's what Genesisn't

So I put in the disc, and try to set the buttons. Apparently the font is so small on my 24 inch Sony Playstaiton 3D screen, that it's hard to tell what button represents what function. And there are only 2 settings. Setting 0 and setting 1. I couldn't tell what logic layout 0 was, but layout 1, tired to use a fight stick lineup. Which is essential because the Genesis had buttons 3-in-a-row for the basic games, and 2 rows of 3 for the games that use the 6 button controller. So I thought I could use a fight stick and have 3 buttons in a row.

Apparently, a lot of Xbox One joysticks don't have their buttons standardized. They want you to use the 2 bumpers for C and Z, but fight sticks have all sorts of crazy arrangements for the 8 buttons. Using the example of Xbox 360 fight sticks, The Virtua Fighter 5 360 stick had a non-standard arangement, which was different from the Street Fighter one, which was different from the Tekken one, which was different from the WWE one... . You think with all these crazy arrangements of fight sticks, you'd have the ability to program the joysticks to your own liking. Also there are some system operations that require a right stick, or a left stick press-in. In other words, not friendly for ANY fight stick, which unless you get a pad with 2 rows of 3 buttons like the Sega Genesis controller, is the only way to play in my humble opinion.