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If you hear bandwidths of 10 Megabits in, 5 megabits out, and think that that's the service you get in a third world country, this is not for you. This is for people who lust after 10 Megabit connections and can afford one or more consoles. This website shows you how to get creative with online games, and find ones they don't automatically get kicked off of.

There's a reason why these programmers are independents selling games for a dollar a pop.

How do you make a new fun bloodsport out of Tetris. You play Opposites. If you know Tetris, you know about 90% of the game. Blocks fall, make whole rows(? er columns, more details later), clear said rows and garbage your opponent. The key difference is that instead of playing vertically, it's played horizontally, (There is an important reason for this.) The reason why it's horizontal is because one player plays black pieces on white space, the other player plays white pieces on black space, and you share the board, one goes left to right, and the other right to left. This seems like an intriguing concept where your holes are their pieces and their holes are your pieces. This is not just a game that just expands a regular one player game and make a 2 player game out of it. It can be more dastardly, you can ruin your opponents lines, but it sacrifices your own setup for a "Quad" (can't say the T word). This game essentially requires a 2 player mode. So much so that you must either play against a CPU opponent, a local opponent, or thankfully, an online opponent. I don't know how deep it goes with the computer. The computer relies on you not understanding the opposites premise, and fills in your holes easier and pushes you up. The CPU doesn't seem to have much of a sense of defense, most of the time opting to clear lines instead of ruin you, so you can clear lines away without much trouble. The problem is, that is a regular tetris game. To test to see how deep this game is. I need an opponent. Steve wasn't around back then, living his own life, and when one of the contestants on Jack Of All Games suggested Tetris to play. I suggested a lesser know alternative I wanted to see played. It's supposedly more dastardly, so I tested it with my friends. So we played online. But before we get there, the other contestants can test games they don't know for an hour. Opposites was tried. Most of the other people saw nothing special in it, and couldn't find a way to capitalize on other's the system. But the person who did sugest Tetris played this vs the computer. It was and still is only a dollar. She played it liked it, and we tested it online. So before I give the online portion of the review. The one contestant I played against appeciated the differences, and I apprciate them, but the problem with most indie games is no online traffic, so this was my only chance to play her online. How did it turn out? Read the sidebar...