Welcome to the 56ok.org

If you hear bandwidths of 10 Megabits in, 5 megabits out, and think that that's the service you get in a third world country, this is not for you. This is for people who lust after 10 Megabit connections and can afford one or more consoles. This website shows you how to get creative with online games, and find ones they don't automatically get kicked off of.

I write from experience.

Hello. This website is about people who enjoy console games, and who like playing against the world, but the video game companies tell them they need more speed, and no matter what the do, they can't get above that speed. I know that sounds like a very unpopular subject that no one likes to talk about. All the big tweeters and bloggers and twitchers have bandwidths high enough to start their own family of "cable channels" broadcasting out. I, on the other hand, am bandwidth impoverished. To explain why I have the knowledge about this, I have to explain my story. click here to read about my personal history, how I got in a bad situation both internet-wise and otherwise, and how I'll make it good.

On this webpage, I'll give you my experiences about which games seem to do better with the low bandwidth, which systems are friendlier to the velocity challenged, and individual games where, even though I talk about the game, and kind of review, the biggest weight will be given to low bandwidth friendliness. With a rating of "56ok" if it's okay for low speeds and "56ko" if you'll be knocked out trying to compete against someone. I may make other judgements, but the one you won't get anywhere else is, will it work with MY speeds.

Most Xbox 360 and Wii games will be judged by how my bandwidth was at the time, with 500 k in, 100-200 k out for my 3G connection, as I had a 3G hotspot long before that term was invented. Wii U, Xbox One and Switch games will be reviewed based on a connection of 1.5 meg in, 400 k out, being the "Extended range DSL", meaning I'm out of the 3 mile range needed to get a decent 24 Meg connection, but we got it because it was faster and cheaper than our then existing 3G, and we couldn't upgrade to 4G without paying by the megabit.


Why the Sprint merger helps me.

Click here to read a letter I wrote to my federal and Ohio state epresentatives, and invited certain internet players and commentaors to read my letter. And I invited them to respond. I bring up the one issue no one pbrings up: How I'm relying on Sprint to trey to bring us decent high speed interent, and how their history shows their committment to wirelessly wiring houses for interent, starting with WiMax in 2009, and how the governemtn lets monopoly providers (or even a nullopoly of minimum+ providers?) can deny us, or at best require a citizen paya high-five to six figure sum to wire out donut hle, yet the governemnt hamstrings a company wiling to wireless let us access interent, dspite their official stance of universal broadband.

Satellite kills ping time

Do not get a satellite connection if your primary concern is competing against opponents. It takes 100 milliseconds to get up to the satellite, based on a 30,000 km orbit in space, another 100 milliseconds to get back, AND THEN FROM THERE it traverses the traditional internet, which is anywhere from 50-150 ms. You're already behind the 8 ball going satellite. If you just want to download games, you can do it with no problem, but watch out for data limits.

Cell phone was good for pioneers of cellular internet, not good now.

As soon as I got my cellular internet, one month later they introduced bandwidth limits, and that was in 2008. Cell companies claim they have unlimited data, but read the fine print. EVERY ONE OF THEM has limited Wi Fi mobile Hotspot data. And USB-based wireless cards are also considered WI-FI, even if you provide your own Wi Fi, or even if you just use it straight. It looks like mobile internet, which seems harder, is unlimited on a cell phone, but fixed mobile internet causes problems, clogging up the network, even though most of the places it's being used like that is sparsely populated rural areas. Despite the fact that you have to pay by the megabit, and I would have had to if I wanted to improve my speed, cellular is the best alternative if you do not have DSL or Cable available. For the purposes of gaming, it beats satellite, and it beats dial up, and a cell phone when I got it plus a VOIP would cost just as much as a landline and a dial-up account. Since this is being written about in 2017 and not 2008, I'd say if you're rich enough where data limits can be paid for, then you might want to go with that. But if there's a whole bunch of people in your sitch, you may want to pool the extra money spend by the Megabit, and allocate that to pool together money into a pot, get together with your local government, and let them bargain on behalf of your Cable/DSL consumers utility union. Try paying year in advance, sign a multi-year contract because you're asking new services to be piped in. But DON'T do what I fantasized about with in April 2017, rabble-rouse and riot for cable/DSL access.

How bad internet affects good internet connections:

And Fairlawn Gig said they'll come in and do what Spectrum won't, wire our street. I would like to point to anyone watching at Fairlawn Gig the case for wiring more area before you power up that network, instead of working the other way, powerig up exsiting Fiber lines and later expanding out at full power. Remember, there are always at least 2 victims of bad interent. The person who has it, and the person they are playing with/against. Click this clip to see live broadcast (on Twitch) evidence of bad internet affecting good connections.

About the feds getting involved:

This is a difficult issue because Net Neutrality supposedly make internet a utility, which means it's regulated. If it did/would have passed, does that make it a federal guarantee that everyone has the ability to access 20+ Meg fixed location internet? Of course it's not a requirement, the government is not forcing you to get the highest speed possible, or any internet, so if you don't need the speed, or don't want to participate in the internet at all, you can opt down or opt out. But I was concerned that the content would be censored on the internet. The FCC argument that there are limited channels is absurd, because adding or changing one letter makes a new "Web channel" Websites subdivide, like Youtube and Twitch, which has individual TV channels as many as there are users. So you don't have to own a dot com name to have your voice heard on the internet. And the right to free speech does not mean you have the right to be listened to, but any listeners who come willingly you are allowed to talk to and hear from. You're not guaranteed an audience, but you have the right to acquire an audience. I was afraid that in the quest to limit Private Company "censorship" (technically only the government does it, it's censorship, private people and companies have a right to do what they want), Net Neutrality was a backdoor way to install Government Censorship. It's like of like Jim Crow in the South. The politically correct thing to say was that companies were treating blacks like dirt. That is false. But in actuality, the government in certain states FORCED businesses to segregate by color and offer substandard toilet and water faucets to blacks. You technically have a right to be racist, but in this day in advertising, if you have any standing, and you actively are racist, there will be a thing called the boycott used against you. And if you lose too many customers, your racism could put you out of business. If you believe you have a right to try what you want and fail, then you should believe you have a right to be a racist, and fail under that bigotry's own weight. If I were a racist , I wouldn't have Jamal "Zophar321" Nickens as a friend. As far as racist words are concerned, Jamal asked me to call him the ALTERED with an A instead of an ER name. I never thought of calling him that name, even the 3 or less times when I was angry at him. (I mentioned the incident at his wedding, saying if that word means "friend", like how a lot of rappers use it, then everyone at the wedding were "all nigments of different pigments.") By the way, when I was mad at him, I argued with him on the substance of the issue, not his skin color. The thought never crossed my mind to refer to his skin color. Only when I reflect on racial issues and controversies, like when brought up in the news, does it even remotely cross my mind.

Now there is divided balkanization. Visit here to read about a cultural issue. In this era of advertising, some people go out of their way to cater to this group, others go out of their way to not serve or hire this group, and both sides think they are heroic. I take a moderate, best combine compassion and logic, and I get harassed by my family about it, mostly on the side of denying this group.


When Jamal won me and a bunch of his other friends Original Xboxes and 1 year Xbox Live Memberships, I said thanks, but I had dial up. At that point, I was determined to improve my bandwidth. There was no DSL company, and the Cable company surrounded my area, but never went in. Satellite had its problems above, so back in 2008 I could get a 500k in, 100-200 k out signal. Near the end of the Original Xbox's life the the minimum ceiling, meaning if you have this amount or more, you can play every game made for the system, for the Original Xbox was 256 K in, 128 k out. So I was good to go. Then Jamal won me a 360 playing Bomberman 360, so I got a 360. Click here to read about how I help my friends at thrift stores, as a small but earnest payback. By the way, the Original Xbox I have is the one Jamal won for me as a prize on Life to the Power of X, 2 years earlier. I even got a year gold membership I wasn't sure I could use until I heard of Cellular internet.

Then the 360's requirements were 1 meg in, 500k out. But they told me that was a minimum to play EVERYTHING, which means certain games would work with less bandwidth. Then, just as the Wii U came out, DSL finally moved into our area. We have extended range DSL, which is only 1.6 M in, 400 k out, and was $20 cheaper than Sprint 3G, so we thought, why not.

Then Xbox upped the ante with the One. Now it's 3 Meg in, 1 Meg out. So that got me to thinking, what were the speeds needed to compete in other systems. Nintendo never had an official answer during the Wii and Wii U eras. They said DSL or faster. Did Nintendo know DSL can be as slow as 1.5 Meg in 400 k out, or are they assuming a "within 3 mile" range of DSL that is normal? They said with my 3G at 500k/ 200k some of the games which require precise wii-mote movements in all 3 dimensions, and games with more than 4 people might be jeopardized. They thought ping time would be bad because they assume Cellular uses Satellites to transmit messages. SO NOT TRUE.

We never were much Playstaiton 2 or 3 online gamers, mainly because the PS2 was an over-glorified DVD player, and the PS3 was an over-glorified Blu Ray player, I rarely played it until it became an over-glorified 3D Blu Ray player, but because I got the worlds most successful 3D TV, the Playstation 3D Display, and used it to watch 3D movie and as an HDMI TV for my games, (does anyone notice a pattern that has been broken by the PS4? The PS2 was the world's cheapest DVD player at the time, the PS3 was the cheapest Blu-Ray-player at the time, (and the Xbox 360 could have been expanded to the world's cheapest HD DVD player for the same price, but the 360 was more of a gamer's machine, and less bought specifically for movies) when the 3D update came for the PS3, even if you never bought a PS3 before, it would be the world's cheapest 3D disc player, and even more so if you did, and the PLaystation 3D Display was the cheapest 3D TV at the time, and none came out since cheaper, even in the future as TVs got bigger in 3D. Considering the fact that the PS2 killed the Dreamcast and was number 1 against Xbox and GameCube, and the PS3, despite the fact the games weren't selling compared to Wii and 360, had about 30% of the gaming market being primarily a Blu-Ray player and 3D Blu-ray player with the update, and the PS3DTV was the number 3 model of 3D TV of all time, and the only 2 ahead of it were 2 larger Sony TVs, and most people didn't use the 3D on those TVs, which means the PS3DTV was the number 1 3D TV for those actively seeking the 3D feature, why the beancounters decided not to add a 4K Disk player to the PS4 Pro made no sense. Ever since they decided not to add a 4K player, but the Xbox One S DID, is that the reason why the console wars are getting closer? ) Dad didn't want me occupying his TV for game time, and bought a $100 3D Blu Ray Player for the upstairs primarily for movies. I played a couple online Wheel Of Fortune and Press Your Luck games, but nothing much beyond that. When I called about the PS4, not because I owned on, but wanted to see if it was more efficient than an Xbox One or a Switch, they said you need 5 MEG OUT, and 7 Meg In to play. They emphasized the 5 meg out as that is the more important number.

By the way, I put off buying my dream ambidextrous joystick in order to buy a Nintendo Switch on day one. When I found out the network requirements. Most people said 1.5 Meg in, 1 Meg out. A couple said 1 Meg in, and have no specific out number but said 400k should be good. One said the Xbox's 3 Meg in, 1 Meg out. And everyone said that is the safe level. You could play certain games with less, but your mileage may vary.
So in review here are the Systems I test and review, and the links will take you to a games list:
Nintendo Switch - a safe minimum anywhere from 3 Meg in 1 Meg out pessimistically, to 1 Meg in 300 k out optimistically, to the most frequent answer of 1.5 Meg in, 1 Meg out.
Xbox One - almost always saying a safe minimum is 3 Meg in, 1 Meg out, and said some games will work with less.
PLayastation 4 - Only one or 2 of my offline friends own a PS4, and the way they think upping the bandwidth is a good idea, are probably the only 2 reasons I'll probably buy one when it gets in Thrift Store territory. Street FIghter V, and if the VR is cheap enough, VR. (Sony, and third party Sony Publishers? Am I wrong? Does your game work with less than the advertised bandwidth Sony throws out there? Do you not want to write off the tin can internet crowd and think people like me would find your games fun and winnable online with low speeds? If this site becomes big, put a PS4 and a those bandwidth friendly games on the line.) They say 5 Meg OUT, 7 Meg in, like that's a good thing.
Wii U - They said 1 meg in, 500 k out. And some could run with less.
Wii - Never specified, but said broadband. May have conceded Cellular was not preferred but as a last resort vs dial up and satellite, ok, once I told them they go from tower to tower along the land, not into space and back.
Xbox 360 - They said 1 Meg in, 500 k out.
PS3 - Never had speed issues with it, but it was mostly my movie player, so I have few games.